Our vision is to assist commercial traffic with well-proven knowledge and products in order to promote higher sustainability for the environment, economy and vehicles in the best possible way. With reduced fuel consumption, better combustion and lower emission values, EffiTab contributes to an important improvement for fuel economy, mechanical sustainability and our environment.

We are dedicated to working towards sustainability for many generations.

Photo by Håkan Dahlström. Without changes. Under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.

Our Team

We specialize in fuel-improving products for commercial traffic in various areas. We cooperate with both small and large transport companies that represent different service areas in the professional market. Our goal is for our customers to have better conditions in both financial and environmental issues.


David Anderlind


E-mail: david@effitab.com

Phone: +46 72 164 5321

Faruk Bevrnja

Chairman of Board

E-mail: faruk@effitab.com

Peder Tennek


E-mail: peder@effitab.com

Phone: +46 70 633 7440

Team UK/Ireland

Dave Russell

Sales Representative

E-mail: d.russell@effitab.com

Phone: +44 78 598 92481

Team Africa

Nina Swahn

Continent Manager

E-mail: n.swahn@effitab.com

Phone: +46 73 346 7376

Sadie Haidara


E-mail: s.haidara@effitab.com

Phone: +46 72 367 3119

Team Asia

David Om

Sales Representative

E-mail: david@ndrco.org

Phone: +855 90 86 9999

Howard Yin

Branch Manager China

E-mail: yiinh@effitab.com.cn

Phone: +86 1360 167 6128