EffiTab's products provide improved fuel economy through reduced fuel consumption, deposit elimination, reduced emission values, reduced exhaust gas temperature and reduced machine wear.

The products have been used in the aerospace industry as well as for road and rail vehicles and there are today millions of miles of references without remarks or injuries.

The products are approved and registered by ECHA (European Chemical Agency) and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency, USA).

EffiTab's products are available as tablets, powders and liquids/concentrates.

Fuel Efficiency Tablet System

The EffiTab products provide a dramatic reduction in carbon particulate emissions while allowing the fuel for more complete combustion in the combustion chamber. They can be used in diesel and gasoline applications.


  • Clean both vaults and vault trunks from deposits as well as fuel pumps and injection through the interaction with the metal surfaces.
  • Improves fuel economy by removing carbon deposits from internal engine components.
  • Reduces Co, NOx, SOx, HC and particulate combustion when deposits have been reduced or removed.
  • Lowers the exhaust gas temperature when additional fuel energy is released during the combustion phase. Lower exhaust temperatures come from lower CO2 production during the exhaust phase, resulting in noticeably colder exhaust gases.
  • Seems to produce less and fewer abrasive particles during the combustion process. This, together with the removal of carbon particles, results in a cleaner and more durable oil leading to reduced engine wear.
  • The technology's dynotester shows an increase in horsepower and octane when used in gasoline engine applications.


    Bottle of 50 tablets. Dosage 1 tablet/60 litres of fuel. 1 can /3000 liters of fuel. Comes with moisture absorber bag, foil seal and screw cap. Recommended for fuel tanks and when the driver is dosing (see below EffiTab Instruction Manual).



    Pouch of 335 g. Dosage 1 sachet per 18,900 litres of fuel. The bag has a sip closure. Recommended for those who have their own tank/pump.

EffiTab Gold Fuel Treatment


For road and rail vehicles and stationary units:

Oil drums of 18.9 litres and 205 litres (dosage 1/4000). Reduces water molecules. Also available for extreme cold (for dosage see table in User Manual Liquid).

Larger volumes against quotation.

For maritime vessels and ferries (for bunker fuel):

Oil barrel 205 liters (dosage 1/5000).

Larger volumes against quotation.

For further product information, please contact us at office@effitab.com.